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Father’s Day

“Honoring Dads: Taj’s Heartwarming Father’s Day Event Bonds Families and Work”
To honor all the fathers at Taj, we conceived a unique and distinctive way to celebrate Father’s Day. We organized a special ceremony at the Head Office, inviting the children of our employees. This event provided them with the opportunity to gain insight into their fathers’ workplaces and spend quality time together. It was designed to allow the children to see, understand, and reflect on how their father’s day unfolds at work. We believe that there could be no greater and more memorable tribute to the fathers at Taj than creating an environment where their little angels could celebrate Father’s Day by being with them. The event was filled with fun and entertainment, engaging the children in various activities:

  • Writing Father’s Day messages on a flip chart
  • Coloring business logos
  • Enjoying a Magic Show
  • Participating in workplace engagement using their father’s laptop and telephone
  • Taking pictures in a Father’s Day photo frame
  • Indulging in refreshments